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Indeed, in today’s competitive market environment, you cannot avoid digital marketing in your day-to-day business operation. First, people look and search products or services in digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Further, in Malaysia, 25 million are online, and 34% shop online! These numbers show how big the market in our country to explore. Enhance your business from zero to hero by understanding and applying essential digital marketing to your business. Start from scratch and do research before enter the wild market why people use digital marketing and the pros and cons. What strategy, platforms, and tools you need to use and suitability to capture the market based on your business niche accordingly.

It doesn’t matter what products you want to sell. The crucial points are your interest and confidence to sell that product. No experience is never a barrier. As long as you willing to learn and no resistance to change. Start with the lowest possible capital such as dropship or agent. Don’t be too excited to be a product founder even though you have enough capital. Other than capital, the experience is also important. Don’t be shy to start a business. That’s normal. Always research, follow current trends, get along with successful entrepreneurs and attend business seminars are one of the strategies for increasing your brand awareness and sales. So, increase your profit by going digital and prove this investment is worthy!

What will you apply to Digital Marketing Fundamental training?

1. Google Trends
In brief, analyze current market trends through keyword research tools to compare the popular keywords, target market, and search pattern. 

2. Facebook for Business
Create your business pages, business page roles, schedule posts, and understanding its functions.

3. Graphic Design
Create your marketing materials to increase engagement and convince audiences.

4. Copywriting Techniques
Practically apply the copywriting to convince the audience, understand the types of copywriting, and its importance.

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Why do you need to Digital Marketing Fundamental?


Know current updates and opportunities in digital marketing.


Compare each suitable marketing platform and importance for your business.


Choose the best strategy on how to promote your business.


Upgrade your business software and social media to increase engagement.


Know current trending and pattern how customer searches your product or service.


Generate sales by doing proper digital marketing plan in future.

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