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Understanding the objectives of marketing is essential before you start a campaign. Choosing an objective is crucial for you to get the maximum impact in marketing your product or service. Most entrepreneurs and business owners already know Facebook marketing basics and use it to raise the brand name and get sales.

It would be best to make a profit using FB Ads as a vital tool in the Facebook platform. Choose a campaign that fits the current situation, such as the product launching, festive seasons, or stock clearance. With FB Ads, you can target your audience in terms of demographics, geography, and interest. In addition to getting the right target, you can also reduce marketing costs. Optimize product image and video in marketing to further increase engagement. Show up to 10 pictures and videos to the audience to further increase traffic to the landing page. You can tell the story about the brand and add more content to attract the audience to evaluate your business.

Facebook Ads can also help you increase conversions through retargeting. Target existing customers and prospects who have visited your business on FB Page or Instagram Business Profile. Add more quality reach by finding an audience that has the same interests and personas as existing customers. Fix to improve and optimize ads to get better results.

What will you apply to Facebook Ads training?

i. Marketing Objective
Choose suitable marketing objectives in Facebook Ad and understand the ad hierarchy.

ii. Ad Campaign
Create ad campaigns to promote products and services. Choose a campaign that aligns with marketing objectives.

iii. Ad Set
Set audience demographic, geographic, and interest. Research about current trends and behavior.

iv. Ad
Use creativity such as images and videos to convince the audience to take action. Use dynamic creative ads to increase engagement.

v. Carousel Ad
Display up to ten images and videos to attract more traffic to your landing page—an option to brand and business with multiple angles of products or services in the influential audience.

vi. Instant Experience Ad
The full-screen experience attracts an audience with images and videos. Tell the story about brands that highlight products and services.

vii. Custom Audience
Retarget prospects and customers for higher engagement and conversion. Populate audience from FB Page and IG Business Profile Visitors, Customer Lists, or Offline Activity.

viii. Lookalike Audience
Grow an audience with similar interests and personas to the existing audience to extend reach and increase sales.

ix. Ads Manager
Manage and optimize ads for better performance and improve the creative to increase engagement.

In truth, depending on free online marketing are not enough. Every business owner uses this method to cut down the marketing cost, but in reality, there is still not enough effort to capture the market. Even it’s free, but the prospects you want to engage are not targeted and too general. People do their copywriting on business pages and Facebook groups to hope the audiences to read and take action, but the result is always dismal. Above all, Facebook ads are a marketing strategy for your business to reach more audiences and engagement. Understanding your advertising objective before selection to create awareness, ignite consideration, or make the conversion to the audience. Hence, boost your sales by choosing the right marketing objective and target the right prospects in the right place and at the right time through Facebook ads.

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Why do you need to Facebook Ads


Show your ads to the right audience at the right place and right time.


Just create your ads on mobile phones and PC. Easy and time-saving.


Always show excellent customer service to get the best review before others judge your business.


Get more prospects to know about your brand and business. More reach means more brand exposure.


Give space to your staff and business operations. Business not only about marketing, but you also need to focus on another department too.


Increase your sales with this FB ads. Re-targeting your prospect and keep maintain a good relationship with your raving fans.

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