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One of the ways for you to promote your product is through FB Live. A tool that is increasingly trending among entrepreneurs and business owners. The most notable advantage of FB Live is that you can stay in touch with followers and prospects directly. These audiences will be more confident to buy the product and can stay engaged with you. The technique used by entrepreneurs today is to promote products by hard sell and demonstrate tutorials. There are some weaknesses that they experienced are too many comments untracked. Entrepreneurs also have to follow up manually without having an organized system. So, this will reduce potential customers and sales. How to solve this problem? Facebook Live Commerce is a tool for you as an entrepreneur and business owner to promote products. Has features such as auto-reply, product template, and payment gateway. A system that has a dashboard for you to monitor comments, sales, and shipping.

One tool that simplifies your daily operation and can be used by founders, business owners, and agents. It doesn’t matter if you are new or have been starting a business for a long time. Facebook Live Commerce takes your Facebook Live to the next level with automated order capturing, integrated payment gateway, dashboard reporting, and more. Scale with ease. Connect your Facebook account with Facebook Live Commerce to monitor sales and your customers’ shopping activities, all from a dashboard! Turn comments into sales and make payment a seamless experience for your customers. Let your customers track their purchases with a tracking system.

What will you apply to Facebook Live Commerce training?

i. The Fundamental
The current trend and importance of Facebook Live.

ii. Dashboard Reporting
Analyze order summary report and comment aggregator.

iii. Payment and Tracking
Manage tracking system and set payment gateway.

iv. Integration
Set Facebook Live Commerce to Facebook Page.

v. Fees
Understanding difference between usage and transaction fee.

vi. Support
Apply additional tools for system support.

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