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Have you ever heard of a 5-Star Facebook Page?

If we go into a dark, shabby, unguided, dirty and no enough information about the product in a shop, should we consider buying? So do prospects. We need to decorate our store so that prospects have a desire to continue purchase and or start the engagement. Many entrepreneurs and business owners do not reach this 5-Star standard and lose quality prospects. The Facebook Page should be included with essential things like name, logo, cover, username, description, product images, copywriting, and CTA. The prospect feels more confident and prefers to engage when he or she visits your page.

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As an entrepreneur or business owner looking to grow the business, you cannot avoid digital marketing. One of the most critical elements to get started in this field is the Facebook Page. What differences between Facebook Profile and Facebook Page? Why is this Facebook Page so important?

One of the differences and the most important is to create Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads or sponsored ads are a way to promote our brand and business to get more sales and quality leads. It takes commitment to get a more target audience and reach. With our Facebook Page, we can separate business and personal agendas. It will make entrepreneurs and business owners more focused on achieving their business objectives.

In the current economic situation, managing a Facebook Page can be complicated with busy daily operations. Therefore, we need an individual or team to work together to address the Facebook Page. These need to be done to reduce the burden and ensure that the customer service is at optimum. With Facebook Page, we can appoint friends as Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, or Analyst.

Keeping our Facebook Page up to date with the latest information is essential to close our followers. Entrepreneurs and business owners need a weekly, monthly, or quarterly content design and strategy. To keep the idea fresh and not lost, making a scheduled post is the best way. Use this feature for you to plan.

Most entrepreneurs already have a FB Page. There are many advantages when you have a FB Page, such as appointing a partner to be an admin, creating FB ads, and scheduling posts. More importantly, it is also for branding purposes. Usually, entrepreneurs today do not put the right Call-To-Action (CTA) on the FB Page. CTAs are used for prospects to stay in touch with your business. Among the favorite CTAs is Call Now, Learn More, Send Message, Send WhatsApp, and Shop Now. Many entrepreneurs prefer to use these CTAs. You need to know what CTA is right for your business.

i. Call Now
Call Now is right for those of you who are busy and do not have time to reply to messages to prospects. Prospects will continue to call if they are interested in the product or want to ask something to get info quickly about the business you do. Usually, prospects are not favored in saving phone numbers, and they will prefer to call through FB Page. You must be willing to accept calls 24/7 from prospects. This CTA can also increase the closing rate because prospects are more confident when hearing your voice.

ii. Learn More
For those of you who have many products or services, Learn More is the right CTA. Prospects will have opted directly to your website, which has all the complete information. Not all product and service details can be shown on the FB Page. Explain more information about your business, such as product description, services, testimonials, contacts, and other important info on the website. This will give a clear picture to the prospect about the product or service you provide.

iii. Send Message
Not all prospects want to give their phone number. They do not want to be disturbed after dealing with your business. To protect the privacy of prospects, this CTA is appropriate. Prospects will feel uncomfortable if you always follow up with WhatsApp or Call. To overcome this situation, prospects are prefer communicating using messenger. It will continue to give confidence to prospects to communicate without providing a real phone number. As an entrepreneur, you feel waste because you don’t know the prospects’ phone numbers. You can use this CTA as an advantage for retargeting purposes by implement Chatfuel or Manychat software.

iv. Send WhatsApp
This CTA is most suitable for those of you who want to continue dealing with prospects via WhatsApp. Many prospects are more familiar and like to use WhatsApp in communicating. Unlike messenger, you will get prospects’ phone numbers. The conversation is more comfortable if you use WhatsApp Business. Use auto-reply and catalog features to increase potential closing rate.

v. Shop Now
For those of you who want to sell products, keep bringing prospects to your website. This CTA is used to save time and reduce the hassle of dealing with prospects. Ensure you have a catalog and payment gateway on the website to facilitate prospects for the closing process. If your product or service price vary, this CTA is not suitable.

As an entrepreneur, choose the CTA that is right for you. Apart from these five favorite CTAs, you can also use CTAs such as Follow, Order Food, Book Now, Get Quote, Send Email, and others.

The importance of the Facebook Page is just as vital as our physical store. When we are getting serious about online business, we need to have a Facebook Page. What good is a Facebook Page? The goal is to promote our products and shop for our target audience. To viral, a product is not easy just by creating an organic post. We need Facebook Ads to gain more reach to thousands or millions of audiences. This will also increase our chances of getting more and better prospects. Investment in Facebook Ads is a must if especially for those at the startup level. Your business needs more exposure to brand awareness.

Finally, the importance of the Facebook Page is professionalism. Prospects prefer to deal with and trust the brand and business that has a Facebook Page. Customers’ confidence is the main reason for your sales to grow! Manage Your FB Page Now!

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