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After you review the results from FB Ads, what is your next action? You don’t merely evaluate the success of an ad only with sales that you get. FB Ads’ impact does not necessarily happen in the short term, and you need to be consistent and continue to improve the results.

How to continue to get sales at a lower cost? In the current economic situation, prices are a sensitive matter. Use your existing engagement and followers to increase sales. In addition to FB Ads, the website is also essential in business. Prospects also search for products and services on the Google platform. The advantage to you who have a website other than for promotion is retargeting purposes. Plan your ideas for creativity and make ad comparisons to get higher ad reach and frequency. Efficient business management is also crucial in Facebook. It would be best if you had a team or agency to help you with marketing. Facilitating the prospect of buying your product is vital for you to continue to get sales. Showcase your products and services on the Facebook Page. In addition to the potential to get deals, you can also do retargeting to prospects who have seen your creation. Other than online platforms, you can also increase sales offline. Many prospects who have ever visited your physical store, event, or contacted you by phone use this opportunity to continue to engage with them.

What will you apply to Facebook Ads training?

i. Pixel
Create pixel and install in website for tracking and retargeting.

ii. Retargeting
Set custom audience to retarget website visitors.

iii. Commerce Manager
Set up shop and catalog to showcase products and services.

iv. Facebook Business Manager
Manage marketing assets with team and agency.

v. Campaign Planner
Plan creative and make ad comparisons for future improvement.

vi. Collection Ad
Create an ad to showcase the product catalog by pairing video and images.

vii. Standard Event
Create Standard Event on the website, which is essential for retargeting.

viii. Custom Event
Create Custom Event on the website, which is essential for retargeting.

ix. Standard Conversions
Create conversion ad from the Standard Event.

x. Custom Conversions
Create conversion ad from the Custom Event.

xi. Offline Conversions
Retarget customers from offline activity.

Becoming an expert on Facebook Ads cannot be overnight. There is so much action to try and error. It takes a lot of research and a lot of ads to run. The more failures you got, the better for the experience. Don’t be afraid to invest. Our brands and products need a lot of engagement and awareness. Don’t expect to get sales for the first time for FB ads. It takes a lot of split tests and experiments to get a better idea of ​​your target audience. In addition to the right settings, FB ads’ success depends on the copywriting and creatives you use.

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Why do you need to Facebook Ads?


Show your ads to the right audience at the right place and right time.


Just create your ads on mobile phones and PC. Easy and time-saving.


Always show excellent customer service to get the best review before others judge your business.


Get more prospects to know about your brand and business. More reach means more brand exposure.


Give space to your staff and business operations. Business not only about marketing, but you also need to focus on another department too.


Increase your sales with this FB ads. Re-targeting your prospect and keep maintain a good relationship with your raving fans.

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