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One of the ways for you to promote your product is through FB Live. A tool that is increasingly trending among entrepreneurs and business owners. The most notable advantage of FB Live is that you can stay in touch with followers and prospects directly. These audiences will be more confident to buy the product and can stay engaged with you. The technique used by entrepreneurs today is to promote products by hard sell and demonstrate tutorials. There are some weaknesses that they experienced are too many comments untracked. Entrepreneurs also have to follow up manually without having an organized system. So, this will reduce potential customers and sales. How to solve this problem?
Facebook Live Commerce is a tool for you as an entrepreneur and business owner to promote products. Has features such as auto-reply, product template, and payment gateway. A system that has a dashboard for you to monitor comments, sales, and shipping. One tool that simplifies your daily operation and can be used by founders, business owners, and agents. It doesn’t matter if you are new or have been starting a business for a long time.
Many entrepreneurs still feel awkward for FB Live. Probably because of no experience or fear no one will see. Before making FB live you need a little technical preparation such as internet connection and sound system.
Among the challenges for FB Live are:
ii. Not familiar with using a desktop when making FB Live compare to a smartphone
iii. Lack of technical knowledge for setting FB Live
iv. There is no system to follow up all comments from the prospects
v. There is no payment gateway system that can help prospects make payment

Let’s start how to create your first ever Facebook Live Commerce account!


Step 1: Open Google and search Nuffnang Live Commerce


Step 2: Click Nuffnang Live


Step 3: Click button “Try for free’ at the right top corner


Step 4: Click ‘X’


Step 5: Fill Up Your First Name, Email and Phone


Step 6: Create your Password and Confirm Password


Step 7: Tick box ‘i’m not a robot’ and box ‘I have read and accepted the terms of service’ and click SELLER REGISTER Button


Step 8: Click CONTINUE


Step 9: Welcome to Nuffnang Live Commerce Pro!


Step 10: Open your email account, you will immediately received email validation from Nuffnang Live Pro! Check your inbox or spam folder.


Step 11: Open the email and click ‘click here’


Step 12: Click SELLER LOG IN


Step 13: Put your existing Email and Password (same as during registration process) on Returning Seller section


Step 14: Click SELLER LOG IN


Step 15: Fill Up Seller Business Name, Email and Description


Step 16: Insert your brand logo as a Picture, fill up Facebook Page URL, Type of Product, Company Name, Company Registration Number and Company Address.


Step 17: Fill Up Name of Director/Owner, IC Number, Bank Beneficiary Name, Bank Name and Bank Account Number. You need to upload scanned copy of bank statement and Company Business Registration Form or Photocopy of IC.


Step 18: Tick box ‘i’m not a robot’ and box ‘I have read and accepted the terms of service’ and click SUMBIT Button


Step 19: Your account will activate within 24 hours! Please WhatsApp +60133873438 Master Azriel for faster activation!


Step 20: After 24 hours, you will received confirmation email and check your Inbox or Spam Email from Nuffnang Live Pro


Step 21: Open the email and click ‘Link: …’


Step 22: Put your existing Email and Password (same as during registration process) on Returning Seller section


Step 23: Click SELLER LOG IN


Step 24: Your account is success to use FB Live Commerce!


For future login to dashboard FB Live Commerce


Step 1: Go to


Step 2: Click Log in


Step 3: Put your existing Email and Password (same as during registration process) on Returning Seller section


Step 4: Click SELLER LOG IN


Step 5: You will enter to dashboard again


i. Not enough staff to help during FB Live
Get help from friends or staff before going live. Plan carefully. Make sure things like background, products, testimonials and personal appearance are given priority.
How to meet customers during the lockdown? How to solve this problem? One tool that is very easy for you to use is Facebook Live. Besides, it is free, but still many business owners and entrepreneurs do not use it. What are your main obstacles when creating FB Live? FB Live can connect you and your audience directly. Show off your products and testimonials. To give you a sense of confidence during Live, bring a partner, staff, or customers. This method will also add more engagement with the audience and liven up the atmosphere.

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  2. I may need your help. I tried many ways but couldn’t solve it, but after reading your article, I think you have a way to help me. I’m looking forward for your reply. Thanks.

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