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Displaying your great advertisements will get the audience’s attention quickly because 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual content. Google Adwords Display Network objective is to attract more clicks through visual either in the form of a poster, banner, or post because 93% of human communication is nonverbal.

Besides, this campaign will distract the audience’s attention from their current activities such as reading, viewing, or listening to your ads. Eventually, the audience will click your ads because of their interest or behavior. Generally, your ads will appear in specific Google Websites, Mobile Apps, Gmails, Blogs, and YouTube. For most importance, the audience likely to click advertisements with compelling pictures and effective headlines then directs them to your landing page.

What will you apply in Google Ads Display Network training?

1. The Fundamental
Introduction of AdWords and the critical criteria of the landing page in detail.

2. Marketing Goal
Understands the right objective and selection to achieve a successful goal individually.

3. Campaign Selection
Choose ads placement and understanding the difference between Search, Display, Shopping, App, and Video campaign too.

4. Campaign Subtype
Indicate in contrast between standard display and Gmail campaign.

5. Ad Setting
Setup ad location, language, bidding, budget, and also additional settings.

6. Ad Targeting
Identify audiences and demographics in brief and choose the relevance based on interests, interaction, researching, gender, age, and parental status.

7. Content Targeting
Justify keywords, topics, and placement.

8. Effective Keywords
Manipulate keyword match types and then analyze keyword ideas.

9. Ad Groups
Create compelling headlines, ad assets, and descriptions.

10. Ad Optimization
For instance, understand AdWords policy and dashboard monitoring.

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Why do you need to Google AdWords Display Network?


Attract more clicks from prospects with attractive poster and banner design.


Pay as per-click you want with your budget.


Get a fast result in your marketing strategy


Understand the keywords and phrases on how prospects find your business in search engines.


Increase traffic to your landing page and sales


Generate sales by doing proper digital marketing plan in future.

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