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At the front, change your marketing strategy by looking for potential customers who search your product category in Google platform. Some of the products or services advertise in social media are good but always ignored by audiences because not only price or quality, but not fit the current necessity for them. Another reason, most of the audiences they will find or search the products or services when they want it. Google AdWords or Google Ads is a marketing tool you can use in the Google platform to advertise and put your business to one step ahead of competitors. Google AdWords Search Network is one of the campaign for you to advertise your products or services.

Moreover, Google is one of the platforms which the audience will use to search for something in daily life. So, how to make sure your business on top of google search or the audience’s radar? In other words, the audience will search for products when they want it, and the potential to find yours is high with google ads. Thus, the quality of the audience’s engagement is higher because they have an interest, such as in a particular product or service. Above all, isolate your business from social media with google ads as a pull marketing!

What will you apply in Google AdWords Search Network training?

1. The Fundamental
Introduction of AdWords and the critical criteria of the landing page.

2. Marketing Goal
Understands the right objective and selection to achieve a successful goal individually.

3. Campaign Selection
Choose ads placement and understanding the difference between Search, Display, Shopping, App, and Video campaign.

4. Ad Setting
Setup your ad networks, targeting and audiences, budget and bidding, and ad extensions.

5. Effective Keywords
Manipulate keyword match types and then analyze keyword ideas.

6. Ad Groups
Create compelling headlines and descriptions in particular for branding or conversion.

7. Ad Optimization
For instance, understand AdWords policy and dashboard monitoring.

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Why do you need to Google Adwords Search Network?


Stay on the first page of search engines to increase the market share.


Pay as per-click you want with your budget.


Get a fast result in your marketing strategy


Understand the keywords and phrases on how prospects find your business in search engines.


Increase the opportunity to promote and show your brand to prospects.


Increase traffic to your landing page and sales.

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