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First of all, the website is your online business entity in Google, in which customers find your products or services. It shows your business standard and also professionalism. Do you know how good your website is? Many organizations failed to capture the market due to their poor landing page experience. So, you need to analyze website performance by understanding customer background and behavior through google analytics. Another benefit google analytics as one of the marketing tools that helps your business to review visitors visited your website daily.

Furthermore, we can know how many visitors come to our website, session, time visit, what device they use, and more data. Hence, organizations should manipulate this data to improve the website in terms of performance and loading time. Finally, from the data, refine your marketing strategy to increase more sales and brand awareness!

What will you apply to Google Analytics training?

1. Introduction of Google Analytics
Understand the basics and its importance to organizations.

2. Account Setting
Set up an analytics tracking id onto your website.

3. Real-Time
Identify your visitors’ location, traffic sources, content, events, and conversions daily while running your business.

4. Audience
Evaluate your visitors’ pattern, demographic, geographic, behavior, technology, mobile device, benchmarking, and even more.

5. Acquisition
Analyze all your visitors’ traffic, google ads, social networks, and campaigns. Study their visit patterns in contrast with the current organization’s performance.

6. Behavior
Point out your visitors’ behavior, site content, site speed, site search, and also events. Above all, from the data, research to improve website performance.

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Why do you need to Google Analytics?


Understand and know who is your visitors in terms of location, channel, time, etc


Analyze what activity your visitors do on the website.


Evaluate which content is visitors more favor and improve other content.


Study your website performance by using the bounce rate as an indicator.


Improve your current website performance to retain more customers.


Get the latest trends and tips to optimize your website.

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