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Some tools that are important and must-have as an entrepreneur are:

i. Google Drive
ii. Google Form
iii. Google Doc
iv. Google Sheet

Not many entrepreneurs use these four tools in their daily operations. Once you use it, you will see interest in the business and ease for data sharing. For example, Google Drive is cloud-based file storage that can help you store data online with a max of 15GB of storage for free. It’s like an offline pendrive. Google Drive is easily accessible on desktop, mobile, and
tablet. Sync for all gadgets. For those of you who prefer to use Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide, file size is not counted as storage, meaning you can store these files unlimited in Google Drive. You can also share files with the team to view, comment or edit. Collaboration and contribution of each member in the team can reduce micromanage in the organization.

Some tools that are important and must-have as an entrepreneur are:

i. The Fundamental of Data Sharing
Introduction of Google products, insights, and importance to the business.

ii. Introduction to Google Drive
Advantage and dashboard management.

iii. Storage Management
Save and delete file and colour code.

iv. Gmail Integration
Minimise work with Drive.

v. Tips and Tricks in Google Drive
Keyboard shortcuts, research tools, monitoring changes and accessing file offline.

vi. Collaboration and Contribution in Drive
Share link to team members.

vii. Introduction to Google Form
Create and use existing template.

viii. Form Creation
Insert questions, image and video.

ix. Response Destination
Choose destination and create short link.

x. Tips and Tricks in Google Form
Notification, multiple pages, auto-grading quiz and logic branching.

xi. Collaboration and Contribution in Form
Share link to team members.

xii. Introduction to Google Doc
Difference between Word and Doc and tools in Doc.

xiii. Doc Creation
Insert handwritten signature, word count and keyboard shortcut.

xiv. Doc Management
Autocorrect features, spell check errors and file conversion.

xv. Tips and Tricks in Google Doc
Version check, offline editing, internet searching and add-ons.

xvi. Collaboration and Contribution in Doc
Share link to team members.

xvii. Introduction to Google Sheet
Difference between Excel and Sheet and tools in Sheet.

xviii. Sheet Creation
Pivot tables, filter data and data validation.

xix. Sheet Management
Conditional formatting, macros and lock cells.

xx. Tips and Tricks in Google Sheet
Embed charts, image fetching, pull data from social media channels and analyze data using filters.

xxi. Collaboration and Contribution in Sheet
Share link to team members.

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