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One of the options to automate businesses is to use messenger marketing.

The trend for messenger bot marketing is increasing from a couple of years ago. First of all, for those who are busy to handle the customers, the Manychat is a helpful tool. Slow replying to customer messages contributes to one of the factors why entrepreneurs failed to get sales accordingly. Therefore, in this challenging economic and growing competition, entrepreneurs need to be sensitive and respond to the customers as quickly as possible. Customers will feel fed up and turn to other our competitors if we fail to fill their request, and consequently, at the same time, we will lose the customer as well. Additionally, entrepreneurs can also save time using this Manychat. Above all, there is no need to serve all the customers’ messages or request because of a lot of essential things we need to do in business.

Furthermore, this tool also makes the customer happy to deal with. They can correctly choose and buy online 24 hours without talking to humans. So, how does this Manychat work? Manychat likes a robot that automatically chats with a prospect who start message you through Facebook page using the messenger button. She will reply accordingly with the script to what you were already setting in sequence and flow!

How messenger marketing could help you in daily operations?

What will you apply to Messenger Marketing training?

1. The Fundamental
Introduction and its objectives to businesses.

2. Automation
Create your bot communication script in the main menu, default reply, welcome message, sequences, and even more!

3. Settings
Manage general, users, and notifications.

4. Broadcasting
Create brand awareness and conversion with broadcasts and auto-posting.

5. Flows
Understand and assess the bot communication flows.

6. Growth Tools
Get more people to know about your online business presence. Set the ads and also widgets for better reach and closing.

7. Templates
Choose the right featured templates for either your business or create it on your own.

8. Bot Control
Manage your dashboard, audience database and live chat, and so on!

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Why do you need to Messenger Marketing?


Keep engaging with your prospect with a faster response and answer


Easier to handle multiple messages from prospects and customers with auto-reply.


Put your brand on the top of customers' choice by providing a better response by bot assistant.


It would be best if you had time to manage your operation. Save it by apply this chatbot to your Facebook page.


Re-market your new products or offers to existing prospects or customers.


Use another channel rather than a messenger to close the sale with your customer database.

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