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Twitter, as the most engaging social media in Malaysia, provides updates and latest trending about current issues daily. Twitter is about what’s happening today, and following the news, moments and movements is essential to know about your industry. 80% of Twitter users say they love to discover interesting content online. Using it as a marketing platform is the best choice for you to promote your products or services since it becomes a primary communication medium between followers and influencers. 64% of global Twitter users say their friends and families come to them for advice when they are thinking of buying something. With the users mostly come from youth and high-end people, it is an advantage for you to show your brand and business. Audience in Twitter prefers to get daily updates, discover new things, and engage with influencer content.

What will you apply to Twitter Marketing training?

1. The Fundamental
At first, understand the current trends and benefits to businesses.

2. Marketing Tools
Thread, Moments, Lists, Tweetdeck, and Multi-user managers.

3. Ads Manager
Create, manage, and analyze the campaign.

4. Managing Creatives
Create and manage creativity for the audience to take action on Tweets, Cards, and Media.

5. Campaign Setup
Create a campaign and choose the objective.

6. Ad Group
Set Up Ad Group Details, Targeting, and Creatives.

7. Ad Optimization
Manage your future ads with prospects retargeting, strategy, improvement, and so on.

“Accelerate Your Business Now !”

Twitter Content Strategy

1. Keep It Short and Simple
Just tweet a vital message and focus only on one topic to avoid your audience distracted. If you want to put longer, provide a link to your landing page. The lifespan for people to see the timeline is fast and short.

2. Attach Visual in Tweet
People are more engage with your tweet if you put visuals such as video, images, or gif. The maximum video duration is 2 min 20 seconds and max 4 images per tweet. With visual, it can increase brand affinity and memorable. Suggest using the video below 15 seconds.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags
Use max 2 hashtags in your tweet. The brand hashtag is crucial for you to put in a tweet, plus popular events such as New Year, Eid Mubarak, or Christmas. A hashtag is used the expand your tweet reach and tap into relevant conversation.

4. Get Ideas and Answer
Ask questions from your audience about issues related to your brand to drive the conversation and run polls to increase the engagement. These approaches to give your ideas on how to improve your product and brand.

5. Be Responsive
Reply to tweet from the audience is a way to show you care about them. People love the brand with excellent customer service most. Please reply to their tweets ASAP. Use Direct Messages rather that replies if the problem is complex and would affect your brand if your response to the tweet publicly. Retweet relevant content about your brand to increase engagement. Don’t merely retweet that would tarnish your brand.

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Why do you need to Twitter My Business?


You can communicate directly with fans on a one-to-one basis.


Twitter focuses on topics and ideas rather personal.


Faster medium to transport messages.


Audience desire to share and engage with brand content.


Twitter is about what happening today. Get the latest news and updates.


Specific targeting through keywords, conversations, follower look-alikes and more.

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