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WhatsApp is an essential messaging platform in daily conversations. More than 2 billion people use this app. How do you manage prospects and customers data? You already have a good product, USPs, and the best sales closing skills. In a situation that is always busy with daily operations, often entrepreneurs and business owners are slow to follow up prospects and lose opportunities. What is the easiest way to manage prospects who show interest in your business? Let’s optimize WhatsApp marketing for your closing sales strategy!

What will you apply to WhatsApp Marketing training?

1. Introduction
Understand the fundamentals and importance of Whatsapp in daily operation.

2. WhatsApp Features
Create Group and Broadcast. Differentiate between them and how to use in marketing. Understanding web, starred messages, chat backup, and status.

3. WhatsApp Business
Optimize business tools for increase branding and closing sales strategy.

4. Business Profile
Set business information such as Business Name, Photo, Description, Categories, Address, Hours, Email, and Websites. Make it easy for customers to keep in touch and make an appointment.

5. Greeting Message
Create a Greeting Message to stay keep in touch with prospects or new customers as a welcoming note automatically.

6. Away Message
Create a Away Message to stay engaged with prospects and direct them to other resources in sales funnel.

7. Catalog
Showcase products or services by using a catalog. Enter the product or service details such as Images, Item Name, Price, Description, Link, and Item Code. 

8. Quick Replies
Set common messages to fast responds frequently asked questions through keyboard shortcut.

9. Label
Organize chats and customers with Label for following up or record. Labels make it more comfortable in managing cases and closing. 

10. Short Link
Use a short link as a Call-to-Action (CTA) and QR Code for customers to start a chat. This feature uses to make a more effortless way for prospects to message business. 

11. Linked Accounts
Create Linked Accounts as an additional way to communicate with prospects. Link WhatsApp Business to Facebook Page and/or Instagram Business account.

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